Monday, July 27, 2015

Ace Is In The House!

Long long time ago, we bought a CD sound system.

When our dad came to our place, he said it seems very nice and so we bought one for him.

Alas, he did not really use it in the end and the other day, Shushu asked us if we wanted to bring it home. Since Ace is into listening to music now, we thought we can perhaps set it up and let him listen to music while doing homework.

So leh, we asked Ace to clean up the table so that we can set it up..

Once it was set up, Ace was really excited to stay in his room to do homework lor.

As an "opening ceremony"... he closed all the curtains so that his room is dark and lit up the blinking light he made at Maker Faire to create Ace's DJ Counter... hahahaha..

And then he called out to me and asked me to go into his room...

"Look mummy, Ace is in the house!"

Hahahahaha... Funny boy lah this boy...

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