Sunday, July 05, 2015

Rubik Cube

Ace has been going on and on and on about wanting to FIND and BUY a Rubik Cube...

The other day, when his dad and him came to fetch me, they were early and went to the shops to look for the Rubic Cube. I wondered why he so on about it.. and he told me that one of his friends is so good that if you scramble it, he can put under the table... dun look at it.. and in one minute, unscramble it!

So Ace wanted to learn how to do it...

In the end, after they finally found and bought the cube, his dad was the one who went online to watch those youtube videos to learn how to solve it.

Max was also inspired cos when he told his bestie, she told her son and her son asked her to take a video of him unscrambling it in slightly more than a minute! Her son is only a year older than Ace lor!;)

Max spent a whole night fiddling with it and figured out the basic steps to do it. Apparently, rubic cubes are a little like codes.. you can uncode it and scramble it if you follow a definite formula one. You just need to practice alot so that you can memorize the formula and also know the shortest way to follow the formula.

After a night, Max finally did it:)

So he tried to teach Ace but Ace always do halfway and then give up liao...

Eureka! GOt it!

One time, Max asked me to time him. He said his goal is to unscramble in a minute. I set the timer and he got started. When he was finally done, I asked him how long did he think he took.. he said he likely took about 3-4 minutes.

Sorry lor.. it actually took him 14 minutes or so to unscramble.

Guess the boys need more practice before they can get better.

As for me? I am totally not interested in the rubik cube lah.. so I wun even bother to practice lor:) haha

PS: Remember his swimming exam? Ace finally got his Swim Safe Cert! ;) Nice hor!

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