Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The "Useless" Book

I don't know if you remember reading about this "useless book" that Ace was talking about.

He mentioned to me sometime back that his school bookshop is selling a very "useless book" which has a password code lock.. and apparently it is useless because everybody's code is the same...

Anyway. This book looks like this...

And how do I know?

Cos hor, while Ace said his classmates are silly for buying this useless book... he himself bought one!

I only found out because that day I was going through his bag to take out the useless stuff that he does not need.

When I asked him, he confessed finally that he bought this book and only because he had some sort of CLUB and they needed a book to write their secrets in.

After his suicide stint though, I requested to read the book because "I want to know what you are thinking and what is happening to you.."

He said it is merely some information about their club and true enough, when I read it with him, it is full of useless information like the name of their club and list of who is in their club.. (Ok, he called themselves a GANG) and lots of drawings.

While going through the book, he complained to me that his book is very thin now because everytime someone needed a piece of paper, he will tear out a piece and give to them.. hahaha:)

I am just still very surprised tat boys are also fascinated with cute stationary! I always thought this is a girl's thing!:)

Anyway, we walk walk in Smiggles the other day and he is now bugging me to buy him a new smiggles pencil case because the current one is ineffecient.. he is always struggling to take out or keep his pens using the current pencil case.  So he starts doing work slower than others.

I am unsure how the new case... of the following design is any better...
Image result for smiggle pencil cases
He says this means it is easier to take out and put back things...

I must say that the being inefficient somewhat moved me to want to buy for him.. But then I asked him a question- Why should I pay for his pencil case? And then he went.. "Nevermind lah nevermind lah.."

Ok lor. too bad lor:) Then no new pencil case for you if you dun want to keep your cool and negotiate with me... My son may be not too bad in persuasion but is terrible in patience, keeping calm and negotiation! Hahahaha...

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