Thursday, July 30, 2015

Handphone Covers

Some time ago, Ace came to me and complained that the cover of the iPhone4 I passed to him is becoming rather sticky and that parts of it is broken.

And then as the plastic cover got more and more sticky, he started to bug me to buy him a new cover.

But I was unwilling to buy him a cover as I feel this is a super old phone lor. iPhone 4 leh... I bought before I left for Dubai lor... and so I decided to ask on FB if any of my friends had any covers to spare.

I must say many of them responded warmly! Thank you so much!

A few people offered to pass me...

Grace jie jie said she had a few and was happy to donate to Ace. So we met up for a meal and she passed me three lovely covers.

I asked Ace to thank her and he sent her a whatsapp audio saying thank you and exclaiming that "I like them all very much..."

So Grace jie jie teased him and asked him... "Even the pink one?"

And Ace went.. "Erm....."


Then leh, Jez Meinu also messaged me and said she had a bright yellow one that she thinks Ace will love.

She cleaned it up and passed to me and when Ace saw that it was minion yellow, he decided he has to make it minion themed!

Cay gave him a minion towel that came with a label. He cut out the label and pasted the label on the cover using scotch tape.. hahhaha:)

And this is how it looks like now...

Not long after, Ah Yee messaged me and said she bought three covers for him when she saw them at pasar malam.

Ace says the spiderman is really cool and has been using it pretty often these days. As for the green one, he added a STAR WARS sticker and made it a "to be used when I play with Lele" cover because Lele loves Star Wars.. and also cos Lele bought him the policeman handphone strap as birthday present when he visited HK.  hahaha...

Anyway, I think he is an abundant little boy lor:)

I took the chance to remind him that he is actually very loved lor. He says he knows.

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