Sunday, July 19, 2015

Butterfly Comb

 Since about a few months ago, Ace came home and kept telling me about this really cool thing called the Butterfly Comb. It is like a butterfly knife but with blade replaced with a comb.

But because it is like a weapon, me and Max were reluctant to buy Ace one.

So he made a paper one himself using cardboard.

Not happy that it is not lasting, he wanted to buy one and kept bugging me. But I said no weapons or weapon like things. I asked him why he wanted it since he never comb his hair and he promised he is going to comb everyday from now on.

And then I told him I cannot understand why he wants this comb so much and he says.. because it is COOL. I asked him what is so cool about a comb... And he went, "Aiyah, mummy, you dun understand how a 10 year old boy thinks lah.."

So he changed tactic. He went to ask Popo if she could buy that for him as a birthday present and of cos.. Popo was like going to buy him but Ah Yee reminded her to check with me.

So because I already had that comb conversation with Ace, he earnestly tried to persuade Popo by saying upfront that he will be sure to comb his hair everyday... hahahhaa:) Afterward, Popo asked me why he told her tat.. haha!

Anyway, because he kept bugging me and bugging me... and he is rarely so persistent about something, I gave it more thought.

I was thinking if it is a matter of the more I don't give him, the more he will put his mind and focus on it... so I thought perhaps I will change my tactic...

So I told him that because I saw that he really really really wanted this thing.. I will buy it for him.. but on one condition-- that he writes a 500 word essay about- What Peace Means To Me.

I explained to him that this is:
-  a test to test how badly he wanted it as 500 words is not very short so I know it is tough but then it can show me how much he really wanted this.

- Because it is a weapon like thing.. it is something he thinks of as COOL and is associated with a weapon, I need to know he really knows what is PEACE and the importance of PEACE vs VIOLENCE

Initially he was grumpy but seeing that this is ONE way he can get what he wanted, he decided to start writing and said he is going to write a little bit everyday...

So he wrote a little bit day 1... another little bit day 2.... and stopped for a long long time....

I almost thought he had forgotten the existence of this agreement..

And I am happy of course because it means I get to save money right?:P hahahaha

And then hor, no sound no colour for many many many days...

That is... till we brought him along to meet Uncle Adam as he was visiting Singapore.

While walking in the mall, he saw a booth that sold the butterfly comb and he suddenly remembered his "STRONG" desire for the comb. Hahahahah..

He was so excited and wanted to buy the comb IMMEDIATELY.. till he remembered the agreement!

Then leh, we reached this place that had music and some dart machines and Max asked if Ace wanted to play.. gave him some coins and let him play lor..

 Ace chut alot of funny parttern when he throw dart lor.. 50% of it landed on the floor lor..

 Then he had one tat hit bulls eye..

He came up to me and asked me to look.. and said he got bulls eye hor.. because he was thinking.. Butterfly COMB butterfly COMB... and when he sees the butterfly comb in front of him in his visualization, he will hit BULLS EYE..

And to prove his point.. he pointed to the area he wanted the dart to land.. and then he went back to the point where he is to throw the dart.. and he started putting his hands together in a prayer and repeated, "Butterfly comb, butterfly comb..." and throw..

Not bad wor.. really hit wor:) hahaa..

And then I left him to do his own thing and chatted with our friends lah..

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by his desire for the butterfly comb and the fact that he cannot get it and he squat down to cry..

 But I am very used to his antics like this and so I let him be.. I reminded him that I promised to buy him and I will if he keep to his end of the promise..

 And so he spent the rest of the evening like this...

Trying to complete his 500 word essay...

And then leh. his dad asked how he is doing and he got upset and said, "500 words leh!" very loudly with a chao bin... and so his dad got upset and screamed at him.. and then he became sad and gave a face and cried... SIGH...

Anyway, when we were alone and he was more cooled down, I explained to Ace that this is our agreement and I understand he was frustrated because this is difficult for him.. however, it was not right for him to shout at his dad.. even though I think his dad was also at fault for shouting at him so loud in public.. but as he is the son, and he should have respected his dad, he should go and say sorry to his dad first..

he said he will do that.. and he really did.. the next day.. Hahaha..

Anyway, when we reached home, he said he will let me read what he has written and that he really cannot come up with ANYTHING else...

I read through liao and told him tat i felt the first part he really used his heart but the second part he never use his heart to write.. he just wanted to get over and done with.. and because I can feel it as I read it with my heart, it defeats the purpose of him writing this and so I asked if he can do it properly using his heart and he said ok..

Here is wat he wrote.. parts in blue he wrote in the first two days and the rest he wrote at the pub..

What I think about peace
I think that peace is something we all need because without peace the economy will collapse,there would be wars,deaths and violent people.But peace is getting destroyed furthermore every second,minute,hour,day well you get the drift and so in conclusion peace is important.

Weapons were made to kill endless amounts of people but if our peace is strong enough weapon would just be used to hunt for food and scare away people who are menaces to society.

I feel that peace is needed for friendships and love because if there is war against the two people they will not be friends or they will not love each other.

Peace should be made between countries no more wars,just love and happiness.

Peace is important to all,if people did not have peace it would mean chaos,there would be lives lost too!

I think many are being affected by peace in different countries and I shall not mention names or should I...........

Anyway I just want everyone to be happy, but there is so much war between different countries,I wonder how the people in those countries are happy?

But wait........... There is a solution to all these wars, just make peace and nobody will be harmed!

What is the point of having all these ridiculous wars, terrorism and conflicts huh?

So we should all be peaceful and be happy yay!!!!!!!!


 As I type this out, Ace has yet to redo this piece.. so does he REALLY REALLY WANT the butterfly comb badly?

Erm.. I shall leave you to decide:) hahaha...


PS: Latest update. He finally redid the essay... his godpa and godma said it was awesome and so I consider that he passed lah.. so I bought him the comb...

Here he is.. posing with his godma and the comb.

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