Friday, July 24, 2015

Goal Setting

And so, the other day, we had some time on hand...while waiting for his tuition..

And so we were seated in Mac Donald and I decided that I will do what I was thinking of doing before Ace's mid year exams but did not get around to doing that..:)

I gave Ace a goal setting class:) hahahahaah.. My friends from WBG will find the picture below.. very very very familiar!:) hahahaha..

Anyway, I gave him a prep talk about goal setting that talks about... what is goal setting.. why we have to do goal setting and how to do goal setting...

After a 30 min discussion, these are some of the goals he says he is going to set..

So we even came up with some strategies he can use!:)

And I even had him sit down and start writing reasons about why he wants to succeed!:) hahahaha..

Alas, a few days later, when his science test was due, our good friend has totally forgotten the goals he set!

Even though I reminded him about them... he said, "Orh...." and then kept walking in and out of his room.

I reminded him that he will have no time to study the next day as his friend is visiting from Dubai and we will be meeting them for dinner.

He said "Orh.." and then went on to watch youtube, walk in and out of the room...

So he did not study for his science test at all.

I asked him if he will score full marks like the goal he set.. he gave a non-committal, "Maybe..."

Sigh... Goal setting massive FAIL!

But hor, I must say he is rather gifted in the area of manifestation.

Just after setting those goals where he listed that he wants to be promoted tothe next class for tennis (because he wants to beat this girl whom he says is very irritating as she kept bossing him around during class and saying he shouldnt do this or do that with every little move he made... till he snapped at her and asked if she can shut up..)

Just doing nothing except attending tennis lessons, he has been promoted as of last week to a slightly higher level class:) hahahaha... so he beat the girl and also got promoted like how he wanted to be.

Perhaps after he sets his goal, he does has his own way and strategies and achieving his goal and that my strategies that are based on my experiences are not really so suitable for him.. haha!

PS: Today, Guitar teacher complained that Ace has not practiced enough.. in his words "He always looks as if he is seeing this piece for the first time.." I reminded ace again and again tat he has to practice.. and also, he set his own goal to improve and pass his exams BUT i dunno wat inside his brain dun click.. my son does not understand tat practice= get better.. no practice means FAIL. Despite my reminding him to practice, he always just walk around the house and play or watch youtube... than do all the things he has to. Kenna a 30 minute long scolding from me because it was the last straw for me as I also got feedback from his school teachers that he has not been putting his heart into completing his homework on time. It is one thing to not have ability but it is quite another not to have heart and show lousy attitude.

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