Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dong Dong Chiang Lion Dance

During CNY, I thought about buying a mini Lion for lion dance because I remembered that when Ace was around Cay's age, he loved doing lion dance. I asked his mum and his mum say dun want lah.. wait he very noisy..

So I didnt.

But then Cayden went on to develop his interest in Lion dance to the extent that he insisted that his Mum had to call him Cayden Lion Dance Gor Gor if she wanted him to do something:)

And everytime I visited my mum.. Cay will ask me, "Ah Yee, do you want to play Dong Dong?" Initially I was like.. "What is dong dong..." and I only found out that it meant "dong dong chiang" much later.. hahaha...

He started to mull over my cousin's lion dance videos (my cousin is a lion dance troupe leader and has been doing it for more than 15 years) and will beat the drum and got "HOO!" or "HA!" like the people in the video.

He started using blankets and toy boxes as his Lion Head and got very involved. Sometimes he will ask Ace to join him and ask Ace to carry him like those stunts you see the Lion dance people do...

And then, his godma bought him a Lion Head.

Now Ace has recently started becoming very upset with Cay for no good reason. I think he is jealous of all the attention that Cay gets and he is upset that whenever Cay is around, everyone's attention is on Cay and not on him. I reminded him that he has to play a part as he is the one who always hides in the bedroom playing with his phone or popo's tablet.. so he cannot blame other people for that.

It did not help also that Cay was sometimes in the mood to play but not the mood to share and they always want the same toys lor. Hahahaha.. So Ace got upset and always did not want to play with Cay for a while... He actually cheers when he finds out that he will be going to Popo's house and it will be in his words, "Cayden-less" instead of "Cayden-full"...

I was a little disturbed and told Ace that Cayden is family and that I will really hope to see him maintain good relationship with Cay and be a good elder brother.

The turning point to this came when during Ace's birthday, Cayden sang him a very cute birthday song... and Ace's heart started to melt... hahahaa..

And then, another critical aspect of this was that Cayden's godma bought him a Lion head. Cay was overjoyed... and the very sweet and clever Cay went to his godma and asked if she could buy on more Lion Dance "because I want to share with gor gor.." hahahaha..

The boys finally found something that they can finally play together very happliy WITHOUT quarrelling!

Maybe because the lion needs TWO pax to play mah.. Maybe it is cos they can take turns to be at the head. Maybe it is very fun because they also came up with their own variations like the Lion Dance motorcyle.. hahaha .. somehow, something clicked now they are always wanting to play together.

After they played one whole day together and did Lion Dance together... they are now like best of friends.. Ace asked if he could go to Popo house JUST to  play with Cay and C everyday gor gor this and gor gor that now...

But I think perhaps it is also because we have given Ace a little more attention and he no longer feels a need to fight for attention as it is enough for him.

Anyway, my sis says tat it seems that Lion Dance is the ONLY game they can play without getting into a fight:) They watch SUGAR MTV together also can quarrel cos who cannot see and who can see... hahhaa...

Only downside of their new camaraderie is that when they play Lion Dance, while both us and cay's parents are happy to leave the kids to their own devices, Zeng Popo cannot help but monitor and shout out "be careful.. dun do this.. dun do that.. dun knock into him..." Most of it directed at Ace not to put Cay into any "danger"... But Ace is enjoying himself so much that he seems to take it in stride too. :)

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